Body Mind Soul Spirit circle stamp


Do you usually ask people, “How are you doing?”  I know I do, expecting that they will tell me truly how they feel. I suspect that most folks will say, “Great!”, “Fine!” Blessed!” And a myriad of other exclamations we randomly toss out without rhyme or reason.

But is it true? And are we really trying to extract an accurate measurement of how They feel, or just making conversation in passing? Is their reply a true statement about their feelings or just some quick response?

In this fast-paced world, we don’t often take the time to engage in true feelings. We practice the pleasantries, it is expected. But do we really care?

Does asking someone, “How do you feel?” or “How are you?” really capture the exact sentiment we are seeking?

Are we merely trying to limit our conversation to some sort of Twitter like a response of 280 characters or less?

Is there another question that would better elicit the response we need?

I know that time and circumstances don’t always lend itself to deep heartfelt conversations. But when it does, does asking how I feel open the door for much more in-depth discussion?

Probably not.

I’m reading a book, “Why Her?” by Nicki Koziarz that deals with jealousy and comparison, and how we define success. It’s part of an online bible study I’m doing through P31 Online studies. In her book, she suggests that the deeper conversation can be had by asking, “How’s Your Soul?”

Humph! How’s my soul? What is my soul?

I have to admit that before I could answer that question, I had to define soul.  I had always thought it was some entity that dealt within my being that would transcend my body upon my death. I gave no thought to its nature or being or feeling. I soon found out there is more to it than I thought.

Here are a few aspects of the soul:

  1. It is created by God
  2. It can be strong or unsteady; lost or saved.
  3. It is distinct from the heart and the spirit and the mind.
  4. It is central to the personhood of the being. “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” – George MacDonald.
  5. Personhood is not based upon having a body, but rather a soul is required.
  6. It is said two things last – the Word of God and the Souls of men. The soul is imperishable.
  7. The soul doesn’t have a function but instead is the sum of our collective consciousness.
  8. Every human being that ever existed had a soul, and those souls are still in existence somewhere. For me, those places are heaven or hell.

So there you have it. When I think about how my soul is doing, I’m taking a measure of my total being – mind, body, and spirit. I’m thinking about where I will spend eternity. I conjure thoughts of my sanctification and where I am on the quest to be more Christ-like. I measure how I tend to this temple for God called my body. I wonder if I’m projecting the light of God in all I say and do.

So here’s my question to you:

How’s your soul?


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