What to Expect

Utilizing the SLAMS (Stop, Locate, Activate, Make and Select) model from the Cancer Journey (TM) I will coach you to stop the panic and chaos, and move towards a position of strength applying Christian principles in daily prayer, praise, meditation, reading, and writing.  You will acquire the tools necessary to make the journey.

Consider this solution if you want to

  1. Stop the panic and chaos
  2. Locate where you are on your cancer journey.
  3. Activate who you really are
  4. Make your journey real for you
  5. Select a daily practice for strengthening

What should you expect from the solution?

When I got the call of my cancer diagnosis, I was paralyzed.  How could this happen to me, I’m healthy, training for a marathon. I immediately slipped into a deep dark place – the pit f my journey.  But I found strength for my journey through Christ. I developed a daily practice that sustains me even today.  Over five personal journals, countless prayers –  written and spoken, daily songs of praise and worship, and God spared me to share that practice with you. You can find strength for the journey.

No one starts the cancer journey and comes out the same.  Of greatest impact is the change in the psyche and the spirit.  My practice focuses on the mental-spiritual healing required when on the cancer journey.  I help cancer patients, and survivors find strength for the journey through the teachings of God’s word. If you are lost, feeling unsure, in chaos or panic, feeling helpless and out of sorts, I can help.  I assist clients in creating their daily practice of strengthening through prayer, praise, meditations, writing, and reading. I guide them in overcoming the challenges they face on their cancer journey by helping them to be mindful of their daily walk, mindful of what is important today, and mindful of all the goodness in their life today.  My focus is to the Glory of God and God’s Purpose for their life.

Current medical models do not go far enough to address the mental-spiritual issues that challenge people when on their cancer journey.  Though support groups offer some semblance of support while on the cancer journey,  these groups do not extend themselves after treatment.  In Finding Strength for the Journey, I share the tools I learned while on my cancer journey and during the training as a cancer coach.

For more information on my service offering, please email me at terimcclanahan@terimclanahan.net.