“March Madness” originated in 1939.  The phrase was coined by Henry V. Porter, assistant executive secretary of the Illinois High School Association.  You can read about the history at this website: March Madness

There are much hoopla and fanfare about the basketball games and guessing (and betting) about the final four and the final two.

March invokes another reaction for me.  It is the anniversary of my date of remission.  March 21, 2014, I completed my last chemotherapy treatment and officially declared cancer free.  Though I have come to know that we are never cancer free, it is comforting to know that my body can now deal with the wayward cells that choose to grow free range without my personal permission.

It is a maddening time for me because I am forever reminded of my cancer journey and the frenzy of activity that followed diagnosis, occurred during treatment, and the anxiety that arises every time I sense a change in my body since then.

In three short years, my life has changed in ways that I never thought.  The most delightful, yet critical change was my decision to enter the ministry.  I remember waking up the morning after my trial sermon thinking – “What have I done?”

Yes, – what have I done?

I choose to follow the call of God on my life.

I choose to take being a disciple of Jesus seriously and not play God or try to be my own little God.

I choose to give up control of my life and follow Jesus.

I choose to act in a manner that reflects my love of Jesus and my true desire to follow his commandments.

I choose to give thanks, daily, for my provision, salvation, mercy, love, and grace of God.

I choose to work for Jesus.

I choose to let my light so shine that others will see my good works and glorify God.

So while the world is in a frenzy over a basketball game, I am in a frenzy over my new life in Christ.

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