Have some Faith

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:11

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in the kindness of your fellow man, especially given the meanness of our times. But I wanted to share a good thing that happened that restored my faith.

This morning I got up to transact some business only to realize that my wallet was nowhere. After looking high and low, I retraced my last expenditure, which was Saturday night at Oliver’s. I drove over to the store, inquired at the Service Desk, and there it was, locked in the safe. If you’ve never lost your wallet, you have no idea of the relief that flooded me. The vision of dealing with the DMV and reporting all my cards lost during the Holiday season was enough to cause a cardiac arrest. I thanked her profusely, gave her a hug and skipped out the store.

But it got me to thinking, have the turbulent times caused us to lose all belief in the good and kindness of man?  Have we no faith in the power of love?

This time of year evokes what I call the signs of the season: Love, Peace, Belief, Joy, and Hope -all good metaphors for what we believe to be the holiday season.  There are probably more, but for me, these capture my sentiments.  Today I experienced belief, joy,  hope and renewed faith in a period of one minute.  The dreaded fear of a lost wallet was immediately alleviated when the Customer Service Manager returned my wallet with everything in tack.  It restored my belief in the goodness of man.  I experienced overwhelming joy when my wallet touched my hand.  That simple act restored my hope.

My wish for you this holiday season is that you have many opportunities to experience your own sign of the season.

Peace, Hope, Belief, Joy, Faith and Love

Taken from the original post by Teri McClanahan December 9, 2015


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